Saturday, March 17, 2012

A utensil bouquet

We have a potluck for a couple who just moved into their new home and I got them some utensils for their kitchen.  I wanted to be creative and this is what I did.

I thought I would share the idea with you so if you need a cute idea for a bridal shower, house warming, etc...

Here is what you will need:

-Tissue paper
     I used purple for the flowers, blue for the water, and green for the leaves
     Whatever you would like to give
-A "vase"(not pictured)
     I used a container to hold food and stuff....

1-Wrap the top of the container in the blue so you won't see it and place it in the bottom of the container.

2- Cut the flower colored tissue paper into 2 rectangle.

3- Fold the papers in half and cut a slit big enough to fit the utensil in.

4-Slide the utensil into both slits; make them look like an x.

5-Fold up the sides to "wrap" it around the top of the utensil to look like a flower.  Tape the peices together and tape it to to utensil so it doesn't fall down.

*I folded the two sides around the top and pulled the sides in...looks good to me.  =D

6- Get a rectangle of green for the leaves. Twist the middle and tape along the handle. Tape it to the handle.

7- After making all your "flowers", wrap the bottom of the handles in more blue tissue paper and stick them in the container...Tah Dah!  Looks good!  Now smile and give yourself props...good job!

Hope you all enjoy!

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