Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LTC Tracker

I realize I can get one of these on atlasquest, but I'm not a premium member, and unfortunately, I won't be able to make that commitment for a while.  So, I decided to solve my own problem and make me a LTC tracker to help me with all the many trackers I got to join over the last few weeks.

It's super simple, yet effective for me.  I seem to remember things better when I write them out and I can keep this in my organizer where I can see it everyday!  Simple yet satisfying.  What do you all think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Letterboxing Trading Cards

This last year has been pretty hectic:

     -moved out of a house in less than a month
     -with lots and lots of help, totally gutted and redid a gorgeous house
     -unpacked 98% of the new house
     -started a new school year
     -threw a ton of parties and stuff at my house
     -enjoyed a new title: Cello mom
On top of all that, I've also decided to dive back into my favorite hobby: 


It's oh so much fun, you guys!  It's a scavenger hunt...for free!  As an added bonus, you get to hike and carve and play with stamps!  (more here)

Anyway...because it is stinkin' cold here in lovely Idaho, you can't very well go hiking in subzero temperatures up steep hills with a 9,7,6, and 2 year old...apparently it's frowned I had to take another route...


They are a form of letterboxing but instead of hunting for a box with stamp, you get a trading card with a hand made stamp on it.  It's quite the trend during the cold months.  This is my first time ever
trying them.  I'm not the best carver, but I do love me some crafting.  I've always loved scrapbooking, and this has that element, if you so choose. Here is a sneak peak at my first two LTCs:

Love Blossoms-Valentines Inchie

This is an "inchie".  A LTC that is only 1" big.  

Hot Chocolate- Old Man Winter

This is a normal sized trading card(2.5x3.5).  The size of a typical baseball card.

This is my new obsession.  I even got my sister into it.  It's nice because we hang out more and think of cool stamps we can do, ask each other's opinions and what not.  Yet another thing we can do together.

Welcome to my new thing, everyone.  And happy 2016!  Make the best with what God has given you.  He is always there for you to hold on to!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Luna Auli'i: a birth story

Hello Hello! 
It has been a long long while since I've been here. 

It's been a tough summer/winter...pregnancy this time around was really tough on me. But it was so worth it!  This beautiful little one is worth every second of trial and tribulation.  I call her my little blessing!

Meet Luna Auli'i Ely.

7 lbs 14 oz and 20.5 in long born at 5:35 pm on January 2, 2014

She is our little miracle baby!

So here is her little story and how she made a bang coming into this world.

***just an fyi: there will be pregnancy/birthing terms used...sorry***

So we were hoping for a New Year baby, actually, the first baby in 2014, and my CNM was all for it!  We were all pretty sure she would come on the first because I was having contractions off and on for a while.  My CNM decided to strip my membranes on the 31st to promote labor and hopEfully have her come by midnight.

Well, we had a relaxing day at my in-laws, enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner, and even played some games.  By 8 that night, we figured she wasn't coming.  My in-laws watched the girls over night just in case something did happen and we went home.  On the first, Joshua and I had an uneventful day-shopped, went out to eat, played more games with the in-laws-we picked up the girls and we went home and went to bed.

On January 2, we decided to try out a new restaurant, MacKenzie River Pizza.  Really really yummy.  All morning, I was having contractions on and off, but nothing really consistant so I thought nothing of it.  We went home so I could take a nap...Joshua was watching tv and the girls were playing upstairs when I got my first contraction at 4:23pm.  It was totally different than anything I had and I was like maybe this is it.  Ten minutes later, I got another one. I went upstairs to tell the girls to pack a bag to go to Gramma and Papa's when I got another one six minutes later...I yelled down to Josh to call his parents so they could take us to the hospital.  That was at 5:00.  About five minutes later, I got the most horrible feeling: I have to push!  The one problem was his parents were still twenty minutes out! For those of you who don't know, Joshua is legally blind.  This means he can see, just can't see well enough to drive.  Anyway, when Joshua heard this, he kinda freaked...he called his folks back three times and even hung up on them! =) When my MIL heard I had to push, she started to speed, going 40 in a 25 zone.  Thank the good Lord there was no cops around.  She got to the house, the FIL packed the girls(who were absolutely scared to death that mama was screaming and in loads of pain), Josh and I got in the van with the MIL and we sped to the hospital.  When we got there, Joshua broke a sliding door while getting a wheelchair, scared someone from riding in the elevator with us, and headed to to L&D.

We roll into the room, and the nurses asked whats going on.  I say I have to push, but I've been in labor for just over an hour.  She was kinda like, okay, let me check ya, probably thinking that this lady is a wuss and probably only at a 5...she helps me get on the bed and she checks me.  Then she kinda freaks out.  "She's complete! She's complete!  Stay here, we need staff in here!  Call the midwives!"  It was kinda funny.  She was trying to get me on the monitors and get my iv's in, and some random doctor came in to help in case my CNM didn't make it.  Well, the CNM show up and I started pushing.  Six minutes and 3 1/2 pushes later, little Luna was born at 5:35, and boy, was I happy!

I usually have a really good pain tolerance, but dude...that was the roughest pain I've ever been in.  I think it's because it came so fast and hard with no break, no time to get prepared for the journey ahead. I think God intended it like that...I had prayed and prayed; told God I'm afraid of the pain of labor and I don't know how I could do it again...and God answered my prayers.  He made it fast and quick!

The girls were so excited to see their little sister and to see that mama was okay. 

Luna is such a blessed addition to our little family! God blessed us with such great girls, I don't think I can thank Him enough!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome to my Nerd-dom: Letterboxing

It's a really rainy day outside, not a good day for letterboxing.  

What is letterboxing, you ask?  Well, simply put, it's a scavenger hunt.  Each person has a stamp, notebook, and a trailname-kinda like a gamer tag- and they find these "boxes" hidden out in nature.  In this box is a stamp and logbook placed by another letterboxer.  You stamp the box's logbook and stamp your logbook with the box's stamp.  Then you put it all back how you found it and go find another one.  

Anyway.  It's not a good idea to go hiking in the rain with a 9,7,6, and 1 year old in the cold just to get a stamp.  So I decided to make one.

I read this phrase on Pinterest: "An arrow can only be released by first pulling it back.  When life pulls you back, it simply means you're launching into something amazing."  I couldn't find it's source, but I really liked it and found it very inspiring.  

The only problem is I don't know what type of box to put it in.  I have three choices:

I really want to use the magnetic key box, but the location where I want to place the box might not have any good hiding spots.  The other two...well, it wouldn't be a huge problem, but is it the right one?

Let me know your thoughts!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crafty Coasters

The baby has been teething this week and stress levels are running high as she clings to my legs and refuses to go in her car seat.  The only great thing about teething is long naps.  =)  I can fit in a nap myself, or see to something I've been meaning to do for a while.  Well, today, I chose the later.

I've been needing to redo these coasters because, while being pretty, they don't quite match my decor.  Also, the hubby doesn't like the way they feel.  =)

It was really easy.  All you need are :
-pretty paper-
-mod podge-

First, trace the coasters on the back of the paper and cut them out. 

Next, cover your coasters in mod podge and place the paper on them.  If they don't fit exactly, just take your scissors and trim them up.  Then cover the paper with mod podge.  Make clean strokes so it drys smooth.

After each layer dries, add another layer of mod podge.  I added four each, but added one more to one that was a little bumpy. 

Don't worry if mod podge oozes over the side.  Just take your scissors and scrap it off.

You also want to push out any bubbles you see pop up...unless you don't mind them.  

Here is the finished product!  A quick two hour craft to make my table look just a little bit more chic.  

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Go-To Meal

Everyone has a go-to meal. Something that is quick, cheap, and delicious. Also one that the kids like.  Especially one that the kids like.

I had my niece and nephew for the weekend(6 kids total) and I needed something for Sunday dinner. That's where this comes in:


This is so moist and yummy...mmm! My mouth is watering just writing this! 

Four ingredients:
1 lb of meat
1 cup of water
1 box of stuffing
1 egg
*picture is for a double recipe*

After mixing it, you can either put it in a greased loaf pan or casserole dish.

*I find that it cooks quicker in a casserole dish...not as thick*

350* for 30 minutes


I usually serve it with mashed potatoes and green beans.

My kids get excited when they hear meatloaf is for dinner.
Even my husband enjoys it!

Hope this can be one of your go-to meals! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's the Purpose?

Recently, I've been on Pinterest looking up easier ways to blog, things to blog about, and what not.  The author said that your blog should have a "purpose"...

"Purpose", huh?  What purpose would a mother of 4 girls, DIY project lover, crazy crafter, cook wannabe have for blogging?  She is already busy trying to keep the clothes in the dressers, the dish washer soap in the cupboard, and the dinner from burning.  She doesn't need to try keep up a blog as well.

Well, I've decided on it's purpose.  The purpose of this blog is to give me "mommy time".  A place where I can put down things that I have been cluttering up my head that I want to write down somewhere.  When I have some time to myself(albeit not very often), I'm going to write my thoughts and dreams here.  I'm going to share recipes and such here.  I'm going to allow you to see what exactly goes on in the Ely household.  

And I'm really excited!  We have a lot going on in the next few weeks!  We are moving to a different house where we are going to be redoing the entire inside and I get to choose EVERYTHING!  This is so exciting for me...grant it, I'm not the best designer or pick the best colors, but this will be a great place to show everyone the progress!  We will also be doing it on a pretty slim budget...that's a definite plus.  My parents are also flying up at the beginning of May and surprising my girls(they haven't seen my mom since 2013 and my dad since 2011) and then summer hits and there is camping, family traditions, and many many adventures to be had!

I'm looking forward to sharing my life for all to see.  It will be messy, real, and chaotic, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  The web tends to help people sugar coat life and I'm not like that.  You will see messes and piles of laundry and dishes pretty much every post.  They are there because everyone needs a break, even us moms.  Well, speaking of laundry, I've got to fold some...until next time, TTFN.