Monday, March 26, 2012

Dinsars! Dinsars!

So on March 21, we went to see Sue the T-rex.  My mother-in-law got us tickets last minute and it worked out because we planned on seeing Joshua's grandmother who thought he was in Greece(another story for another rainy day).  We didn't tell the girls where we were going(which makes the experience so much better!)...

I got off work and got home got the girls ready to go.  We stopped in Blackfoot to see his grandmother at 4, but that just happens to be the time they go to dinner at A&W every singleday...literally!  So we went to visit with Auntie Trista and play with Rykar and Rylie for a bit.

This little moment is priceless in a momma's eyes!  They are best buddies!

 Then we went to the awesome Bambinos!!! for dinner. I love their food and I tried their deep fried mushrooms, yum yum!, and their lemon poppyseed gilato...can't wait to go again! 

I thought this was super cool-looking!  They were really yummy with some ranch!

Then we headed to see dinsars!(dinosaurs in Chelise language).  They were so excited!  They only know dinosaurs from Land before Time, so we tried to tell them their actual names and it was really cute to hear them attempt.  They had games and bones the girls could play and touch and we got to see a really trex fossil!

 This is Sue.  Isn't she gorgeous!?  And huge!

Me and the girls with Sue.  As you can see, they are all focused on smiling for the picture! =D

They were really excited about touching the bones!  They were really big!

The teeth were as big as my hand!

Chelise liked the spikes on the Spike tail.

The girls got a little dinosaurs at the end of the trip!

The girls really enjoyed their trip to the museum.  I'm glad we get to make dinsar memories like these!  

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