Thursday, March 8, 2012

My bucket list: Riding a horse.

-Ride a horse.

So, I have always wanted to ride a horse for as long as I can remember.  I always thought it would be fun, but I was really intimidated by them because they are fast and big and could really hurt you if something went wrong.

We were in Hawaii for Eileen's wedding and Joshua had gotten my parents to watch the girls so we could have the day to ourselves.  He told me to start driving to the north side of the island and we did...I was really hesitant thinking we were going to go hiking and I really just kinda wanted to relax (he asked me to wear pants, a tank top and my shoes).  When we got to where I thought we were going, he said to keep going...I was like where are we going?  He refused to tell me.

We stopped at Chinaman's hat on the way there for a photo-op.  It was nice to walk on the beach for a bit and stretch from the car ride.

Well, we finally have gone as far as I've ever gone(at least by myself) and he says to look for a place off the road...a dirt road. I'm totally confused by now...but I finally find it and its a road to a ranch.  Why are we at a ranch?  I continue to drive to the end where I see people riding horses!  Totally stoked yet kinda scared.  I didn't want to fall off the horse while in Hawaii.  That would be way too expensive! 

We get a short little lesson on how to steer them and stop them, etc (everything you need to know in two minutes) and then we're off.  We got a nice tour of the ranch and it was huge!  Beautiful as well.  My horse, Cowboy, was an older horse which I liked, but it tended to lag behind so poor Joshua had to talk to our guide. 

We had gotten the couples package that included a lunch at the top of the mountain.  It included sandwiches, fresh fruit, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and sparkling cider(which I love!).  We stepped toward the edge to look at the view and thats when he started talking all romantic about renewing our vows however I wanted as long as I was the one going down aisle to him and that he was the happiest man alive, and I'm like...why are you shaking?  and thats when he got down on one knee (again), pulled out a beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him again.  I was very touched that I cried and gave him a kiss!  I was so happy that I could barely talk on the way down the mountain!

picture of my beautiful ring that he got me!

We headed back down the mountain and I was sad that my fun horse ride was coming to an end.  I loved it so much that we might actually do it again here in the near future!  Come to find out, everyone except me knew what was happening that day and that Joshua had been planning on it since April when he bought the ring!  He had showed everyone, including my parents and my siblings, the ring before we went.  Crazy that I didn't know!

We ended the day with shopping and going to the movies.  I had such a great time and am so happy that I get to "re"marry the man of my dreams!  I love you, babe!  Thanks again for one of the best times of my life!

A picture of me on my horse, Cowboy!

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