Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's the Purpose?

Recently, I've been on Pinterest looking up easier ways to blog, things to blog about, and what not.  The author said that your blog should have a "purpose"...

"Purpose", huh?  What purpose would a mother of 4 girls, DIY project lover, crazy crafter, cook wannabe have for blogging?  She is already busy trying to keep the clothes in the dressers, the dish washer soap in the cupboard, and the dinner from burning.  She doesn't need to try keep up a blog as well.

Well, I've decided on it's purpose.  The purpose of this blog is to give me "mommy time".  A place where I can put down things that I have been cluttering up my head that I want to write down somewhere.  When I have some time to myself(albeit not very often), I'm going to write my thoughts and dreams here.  I'm going to share recipes and such here.  I'm going to allow you to see what exactly goes on in the Ely household.  

And I'm really excited!  We have a lot going on in the next few weeks!  We are moving to a different house where we are going to be redoing the entire inside and I get to choose EVERYTHING!  This is so exciting for me...grant it, I'm not the best designer or pick the best colors, but this will be a great place to show everyone the progress!  We will also be doing it on a pretty slim budget...that's a definite plus.  My parents are also flying up at the beginning of May and surprising my girls(they haven't seen my mom since 2013 and my dad since 2011) and then summer hits and there is camping, family traditions, and many many adventures to be had!

I'm looking forward to sharing my life for all to see.  It will be messy, real, and chaotic, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  The web tends to help people sugar coat life and I'm not like that.  You will see messes and piles of laundry and dishes pretty much every post.  They are there because everyone needs a break, even us moms.  Well, speaking of laundry, I've got to fold some...until next time, TTFN.