Friday, June 14, 2013

My husband is awesome!

So this pregnancy has been so different from all the other ones....
1- The worst morning sickness ever!
2-My emotions have been everywhere!!!
My poor husband has no idea how to handle me...=D
He came home tonight and he said: "I'm so glad you are actually smiling!"
My poor girls know if they do something wrong to just leave the that's bad...
But all that being said, my husband is the BEST!
I've been craving like mad Skittles for the past week and I asked him to get me some on his way home...but he didn't just grab me a bag of Skittles...

He grabbed every single type they had just in case I wanted another type...

Now who does that!!!???

He told me the cashier was looking at him funny and he told her they were for his pregnant wife...she said "Great Job!  You've been around the track a few times, haven't you?"

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome man to call husband. I'm so glad he's my forever and I'm glad my girls (and growing wiggle worm) get to call him daddy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer, Gobbles, and BABY!! =D

So, it's been quite a while since I've been here...
Well, it's summer now and we are even busier than ever!!!
One of my favorite things about summer is the free lunches!!!  It is basically the best excuse to have a picnic(which I love!) because we can't leave the park.
The first few days were really chilly...but it's warmed up and now, we can sit in the sun!
It was still kinda chilly here, but Chelise decided to be brave!
Another fun thing is swimming lessons!  The girls love the water...two days after the lessons start.  This year, Chelise was really hesitant at first(she cried!), but she now loves her teachers and is actually "blowing bubbles" in the water.  Emma is still really hesitant.  She is afraid she will sink and no one will see her drown...I've reminded her she is surrounded by life guards and that seemed to put her a bit at ease.  Beighlie-lynne on the other hand-she is a fish!  She loves her teacher and she loves the water.  She is the one we were most worried about because she said she didn't want to do "schwimmin' lessons", but now, she is the first to get dressed and the last to come out!
They were most excited to get "gobbles" for "schwimmin'" lessons.  Emma got some last year and we decided to buy them all some this year!
Aren't they the cutest!!
Another thing about summer is the bikes!  Emma has been begging us since the snow melted to ride her bike and it is finally warm enough!  They have all come so far from last year!
She is finally looking up!

She was going up and down the hills like a trooper!  Look at her smile!

And Chelise just wanted to play on the slide...
The most exciting news is...we're have baby #4!!!
God has truly blest us and we are so excited for this baby!  The girls pray every meal that the baby is a girl!  We, personally, will be happy with either, but the girls really want a sister, like bad...they call it a her and ask if she is kicking...I'm glad they are so excited!
I didn't know I was pregnant until I started getting morning sickness all day long.  I was wondering why I wasn't getting over this and then I thought...hmmm....maybe...could I be...and then one stick test later...BOOM!  Baby #4!  I am finally able to get up and not feel like I have to throw up, but it is still lingering.  Just a few more weeks, I keep telling myself...this too shall pass. 
Baby Elybug at 10 weeks, 5 days!
It was moving around so much, Josh could see it from where we were sitting!
My little belly at 10 weeks, 4 days.  I am sitting down and I'm a bit chubby anyway, but it's bigger than just chub!
So far, our summer has been fun and exciting!
I am trying to be better about this, especially because in 30 weeks, life will get a bit more hectic. 
Well, tata for now...hope you enjoyed my summer so far!