Thursday, March 8, 2012

My bucket list

So...not to be morbid or anything...but I do have a bucket list...and I think everyone should.  It gives people somehting to do before their day comes....idk.  It may just be me.  But here it is so I have somewhere to remember it:

-Ride a horse.
-Go skydiving.
-Go scubadiving.
-Learn how to surf and snow board.
-Visit every state with the love of my life.
-Visit Mt. Rushmore.
-Visit Europe.
-Go on a cruise.
-Grow a garden.
-Ride a motorcycle.
-Be on The Amazing Race.

I'm sure I'll add more, but here is the start of it.  I really hope you think about making one.  It will help you look forward to life and feel accomplished!

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