Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prego Progression-14 weeks!

So this pregnancy is going by rather slowly...morning sickness makes things feel like they are creeping along, but I am very thankful for this little blessing!
I am happy to say I am finally out of the first trimester, but the morning sickness seems to be lingering a bit.  The baby doesn't like dairy (which is a shame because I am really craving ice cream), and doesn't like it when I fill my belly.  It seems to get really upset and sets my tummy in a stir...
Hopefully, in a few weeks, all this sickness will subside...my doctors said it should.  We got to hear a little heart beat last week!  The girls were with me and they were like...yea, that's great, mom...can we go home now?
Fourth of July made 14 weeks for me.  I can feel it move around and kick a bit here and there.  Daddy even felt it a few times!  When I sleep on my side, it likes to sit at that end and ball up.  It also likes to shimmy away when daddy tries to feel it(ornery one, it is!)

Starting to show, but only if I push my shirt down.  The girls are noticing and are asking if they can feel the baby yet...
We get to find out what we are having in about six weeks!  Most people are hoping we have a boy, but we will be happy with either.  The girls want a girl...only so they can have a set of dolls. We are planning a gender reveal party to find out what we're having so that will be fun and exciting! 
Well, until then, have a great day!

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