Friday, June 14, 2013

My husband is awesome!

So this pregnancy has been so different from all the other ones....
1- The worst morning sickness ever!
2-My emotions have been everywhere!!!
My poor husband has no idea how to handle me...=D
He came home tonight and he said: "I'm so glad you are actually smiling!"
My poor girls know if they do something wrong to just leave the that's bad...
But all that being said, my husband is the BEST!
I've been craving like mad Skittles for the past week and I asked him to get me some on his way home...but he didn't just grab me a bag of Skittles...

He grabbed every single type they had just in case I wanted another type...

Now who does that!!!???

He told me the cashier was looking at him funny and he told her they were for his pregnant wife...she said "Great Job!  You've been around the track a few times, haven't you?"

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome man to call husband. I'm so glad he's my forever and I'm glad my girls (and growing wiggle worm) get to call him daddy!

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