Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty little vases

So our church has been going through a lot of changes these last
few months.  Here is a little list:

-name change:
From Heritage Baptist Church to City on a Hill
-I was assigned as event coordinator
-there was a dress code change
-we are changing services
-we are starting a benevolent fund to help those out in our church and
surrounding neighborhood

I was trying to think of a cool way to collect this benevolent fund when I thought of the credit union I work at.  Lots of people bring in their spare change and get bills for it.Some people get hundreds of dollars!  I was can we do that with our church....what about a small competition between the older and younger people....whoever collects the most change wins and gets served at our Thanksgiving Potluck by the losing I need a cool thing to collect it....

I spent about a week thinking about what I could collect it in and Joshua suggested a vase.  I was like, Ok.  How can we make it look cool?  Then I saw a twine wrapped cup on Pintereset and was inspired!

It was really easy!  The longest thing was cutting out the petals for the flowers...

Here's whatcha need:

Hot Glue gun
Hot Glue sticks ( I used quite a bit so make sure you got a lot)
A vase

I was really meticulous and put quite a bit of three times a row...but that's just me.  I've read where people just put one dot of glue once a round...whatever floats your boat...

So, first things first.  Put some glue as close to the bottom of the vase as you want and secure the twine.

I put glue all around the bottom of the vase so it won't fall off.

Start winding the twine up the vase, securing it with the glue as you go.  Again, I put a lot of glue on, but put on as much as you like.

I only went half way, but just do it as much as you'd like.  Just cut and secure with glue when you want.

Now, I added flowers for accent, but forgot to take pictures of it.

I found a tutorial for the flowers here.  I love her blog and her etsy store!  Check her out while you're looking at her tutorial.

All I have to do now is add tags with the team names (Team Methuselah and Team Josiah) and then bring it to church to start the competition.

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