Saturday, August 25, 2012

Handprint flowers

Since it was so popular when I first made them, I figured I'd make a blog about them.
I made another set for my grandmother and I took pictures this time!
I got the girl's favorite color to make their flower, then I got green for the grass and stem.
I got a pack of three at Ross for 5 bucks, Walmart is $5 for one.
-Paint brushes
1-I cleaned the girl's hand with baby wipes and painted their hand.

2-Firmly press their hand to the canvas.  You have to get it right the first time or you will get extra "petals".

I didn't press very hard, so I had to press it again and got that extra petal.  It's okay, though.  I rolled with it!

3-Add the stem and grass.

*optional* I personalized each of them with their "bug".  You can add whatever you like to it to make it yours.

And there you have it people! 
I got the idea from pinterest so I will say I am not the awesomest person, but there is my version.  Have a great night!

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