Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sickie Monkey

So this week was a first ever for our family.

Chelise was the first girl to get an ear infection.

I knew she had some time of infection cuz her fever would go up then down then up again.  I wasn't going to bring her in becasue she had a doctors appointment on Monday and I figured she could wait till then. 

Well, she got really fussy and didn't get much sleep(that means neither did I) and she wasn't eating at all. 

She loved sleeping on the couch.  She looks so miserable...=C

 So we go in on Monday and as I look her over, I see a bunch of wax and junk coming out of her ear...yep, it was an ear infection.  What ended up happening is that we waited so long that her ear drum ruptured...now, I feel like the worst mom in the world!

Here we are at the doctor's in the cute little gown she got to wear.  She was really good except for when the doctor wanted to look in her left ear...

She is now on medicine and she is doing a little bit better.  She still doesn't like people touching her ear, but she is happy and giggly like she always is. 

We did have to put off going out to Lagoon bacause she can't go swimming but we are still going to the zoo so she will like that. 

Enduring this new adventure of ear infections was not the funnest but I did love the extra cuddle time and the extra loves from her. 

Thanks for all the prayers for her!

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