Monday, May 7, 2012

How to put off cleaning 101

How many of you just hate Mondays?  I do.  I think we are more tired on Mondays due to us being so busy on the weekend(we usually go out as a family of Saturday and on Sunday, we are at church for about 6 hours out of the day and the girls ususally don't get a nap in).  Well, today was definetly a Monday and I am feeling it!

So I have some people coming over for dinner on Wednesday and my house is a mess!  But I really don't feel like cleaning right now...I am tired and exhausted from this weekend and I am trying to save up energy to work out tonight(but I don't think I'm going to...). 

So here is how to stall from cleaning, well practiced by yours truly...

1-Watch TV with your girls

2-Attempt to teach your dog(who isn't the brightest) a trick

3-Eat candy that you bought for yourself a week ago

4-Think about crafts you could do to make your messy kitchen even more messy

5-Check out facebook like a million times and look at the same posts over and over again

6-Check out your favorite etsy store and think about buying even more stuff that you just bought

7-Look at your Kindergartener's old projects she's done this year

8-Look at pinterest

9-Think about stuff you usually don't think about
ie: what it would be like to be at Disney Land, shopping at the Mall of America

10-Play with your kids McDonald's toys

Well, I hope I helped you all out on how to stall.  Good night!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I always need new ways to stall.