Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bed Time routine

So with our busy schedules, our night time routine is virtually non-existent.

But there are some things that we do every night that I love!

Emma has to have her baby with her and I have to have to give her a hug with my arms around her and a kiss.

Beighlie-lynne has to have a "squishy" hug(I basically have to lay on her to squish her) and a kiss on her nose.

And Chelise has to have her baby and her tree house with her when I give her loves.  Sometimes I sing her goodnight song to her, but she is kinda going away from that...=C

The two big ones are in a room together and the little one is in her own room where she sleeps much better by herself.  In the big girls room is music and a light and Chelise likes her room dark(most of the time...). 

I love these little things that make my girls more happy. I hope they continue to let me hug and kiss them good night for a long long long time.

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