Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Letterboxing Trading Cards

This last year has been pretty hectic:

     -moved out of a house in less than a month
     -with lots and lots of help, totally gutted and redid a gorgeous house
     -unpacked 98% of the new house
     -started a new school year
     -threw a ton of parties and stuff at my house
     -enjoyed a new title: Cello mom
On top of all that, I've also decided to dive back into my favorite hobby: 


It's oh so much fun, you guys!  It's a scavenger hunt...for free!  As an added bonus, you get to hike and carve and play with stamps!  (more here)

Anyway...because it is stinkin' cold here in lovely Idaho, you can't very well go hiking in subzero temperatures up steep hills with a 9,7,6, and 2 year old...apparently it's frowned I had to take another route...


They are a form of letterboxing but instead of hunting for a box with stamp, you get a trading card with a hand made stamp on it.  It's quite the trend during the cold months.  This is my first time ever
trying them.  I'm not the best carver, but I do love me some crafting.  I've always loved scrapbooking, and this has that element, if you so choose. Here is a sneak peak at my first two LTCs:

Love Blossoms-Valentines Inchie

This is an "inchie".  A LTC that is only 1" big.  

Hot Chocolate- Old Man Winter

This is a normal sized trading card(2.5x3.5).  The size of a typical baseball card.

This is my new obsession.  I even got my sister into it.  It's nice because we hang out more and think of cool stamps we can do, ask each other's opinions and what not.  Yet another thing we can do together.

Welcome to my new thing, everyone.  And happy 2016!  Make the best with what God has given you.  He is always there for you to hold on to!

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