Sunday, March 31, 2013

God's timing...

The month of February was pretty epic. I know I said I would post about the Valentine's Bash, but things kinda got a little...crazy.
  God's timing is perfect in each and every way and He answers prayers!  We got our taxes just when we needed them and my hubby surprised me with a trip home(alone) to Hawai'i!  I've been really missing my parents something fierce these last few months and it was just so sweet of him to think of me!
 I finally went to the doctor and after a bunch of tests,I found out I ended up having a miscarriage the second time I didn't feel well(no, I didn't know I was prego).  It was pretty heart breaking, but, again, God's timing is perfect! We found out the day before I was scheduled to leave for Hawai'i, so I didn't have much time to think about it. God put into perspective that He is God and He knows what I am going through and He is in control.  He allowed me to be home and put all this stuff behind me so I could move on and grateful.  (I know that sounds kinda bad, but I'm the type to fester on things and they seem to really bring me down and that is never good when you have three thriving girls watching your every move.)
 I am so happy I got to spend so much time with my family and friends back home, but I was very happy to come home to my little family!  I missed them so much and God laid it on my heart to appreciate what I have and not to worry about the future. 
I hope God allows us to have more children, but I will wait until His perfect timing and appreciate what He has blessed me with already!

Sorry, if I sound all...pity party...not meant to come off that way.  I just had to write it down and share!
Now, here are a few pictures of Hawai'i...don't be jealous!


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