Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Countdown- Day 3-13

So, with one of my favorite holidays came illness! I apologize for not bringing this any sooner...
First was my hubby, then me, then my girls, then me again!  It's not how I wanted it to go, but we celebrated anyway!
Day 4- We wrote Valentine's day notes!

As you can tell, they loved it!  I actually had to take it away from them or else we would be up all night!  And I got the mailboxes on sale last year for 50 cents a pop!
Day 5-Kiki Hoko!!!!
This is Chelise for Kiwi Loco...
They love the fact that they have the power to choose what they get and what they get to put as topping.  Plus, there is a tv in the room.  =D
Day 6- Happy Meals!
Now, who doesn't love Hello Kitty?
Day 7- Socks!
The added bonus was their favorite princess' on them!
Day 8- Cupcakes!

Went to a friend's house and had a decorating party!  B was just thrilled...she actually just wanted to eat them. =D
Day 9- Lollipops!
*Forgot to take a picture. I was sick, so please forgive me.  =D
Day 11- Breakfast for dinner!
Again, no pictures...but who doesn't like bacon for dinner?
Day 12- Craft time!
My mother sent these to me last year and I just saved them.
The girls enjoyed it!

Daddy even had some fun with us!
Day 13- Glow sticks!
I got a pack of twenty for $1 at Target...can't beat that.
The girls knew that the next day was Valentine's day so I figured I'd give them something to help them go to sleep.
I will post our celebration in the next blog.  Again, sorry for the hold up.  We are on the up and up!  TTFN!

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