Friday, June 1, 2012

Words just can't say...

So it's been like forever since I've blogged Emma says: "We are busy people..." and we have.  Soccer finally ends tomorrow, but we pick it up again with swimming lessons and possibly dance lessons...but life got put on hold for a bit two weeks ago.

My husband's close friend, Ron Bosley, died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, May 20.  He was 27 years old.  Josh was really hit hard with this news.  Ron was one of his students when he taught up in Washington. Both Josh and I hung out with him and his wife, Shannon, several times and my girls knew him. 

This is the first ever funeral that I went to that I actually "knew" the person.  Not family or a family friend of my parents.  I KNEW him.  I didn't think I would take it as hard as I did. 

Through this entire time, I thought to myself what I could say to the family in order to comfort them in their time of loss...and I couldn't think of anything.  I just wanted to be kind and loving.  I didn't even know what to say to my husband to comfort him.  Words just couldn't express the hurt and sorry I felt.  The only thing I could think of is that I know we will see him again one day.  That is really all we can say to ourselves and each other when something like an early death happen...

Well, Ron, I did want to say something to you...My first memory of you was you coming to my house all the way from Boise in a meat truck with your business partner to try "pay back" Josh by selling him beef...I was pregnant at the time, two weeks from popping, sitting on my couch crocheting while Josh convinced you we didn't need any.  My girls loved hanging with you and Shannon while you were here.  They always asked if the guy who rode the motorcycle with the thing on his head was going to come see them again.  The church members remember your sermon like it happened last week.  Some of them were even asking if you were coming back.  I know I didn't know you well like Josh or your family, but you had an impact on my life and I will always remember you and mourn your early departure.  I know you will meet us at the Pearly Gates on your bike waiting to ride the Golden Highway with Josh. 

Rest in Peace, Ron. 

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