Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mommy of three little girlyques

How many kids did you want to have before you had any kids?


Well, I wanted seven.  Yes, seven.  But I wanted seven boys...oh boy am I happy I didn't. =D

My girls mean the world to me!   But I am sure busy when it comes to life...Our schedule this spring is quite busy:

Soccer practice twice a week on seperate sides of town

Two games each Saturday

Karate on Mondays

Church twice on Sunday and again on Tuesday

Disc Golf somewhere in there

School for Emma two to three times a week

and I work thirty hours a week

I am actually trying to fit in dancing somewhere in between breathing

Now I know there are people out there who are twice as busy as me, but for me, it's pretty busy.  I don't think I could handle seven schedules like this!  But, granted, they would all be different ages and stuff.

But I realize that I am being a grump and not being thankful.  I am thankful that my girls are healthy enough to play soccer, that my family loves to be outdoors and throw plastic plates around a park, that my husband leads a great church and enjoy my church family, have a vehicle to go everywhere, and have a stable job where I have a great boss and great hours!

Ok, so back to my blabbing...being a mommy of three active girls is great, but sometimes, you have to just take a rest.  I learned that today at Beighlie's soccer practice.  I am exhausted from weeks of this schedule...included in this is a lack of sleep due to fevers and teething pains...and I am now suffering the consequences...getting sick!  I am running around with a bunch of four year olds and my head started pounding, my body started aching, and my eyes started burning.  I need to go to work tomorrow so I made an executive decision and cut practice short by 10 minutes...they obviously didn't know, but the parents understood.  I love being able to help and participate with what the girls do, but sometimes you can't stretch yourself too far.

On a side note, I am excited to see what God has in store for my little family!  Whether it is more kids, or an adventure across the states, I am excited!

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